Maffei azienda storica
Maffei’s business starts in 1953 as umbrellas production. The concept is to carry on the traditional work of the “lusciat”, figures who were very popular in the northern Novara area (Piedmont).

“lusciat” were itinerant artisans who made and repaired umbrellas. Umbrellas needed to last over time being a precious resource to families.

The monument dedicated to the artisan "lusciat", portraited with a young apprentice, in the village of Massino Visconti (Novara, Piedmont)
The umbrella museum in the village of Gignese (Verbania, Piedmont).
The statue portraying a cat holding his umbrella in the village of Carpugnino (Verbania, Piedmont) home town to many "lusciat".
The workshop in 1954

The opening of a hats and umbrellas shop in the city centre of Borgomanero (Novara, Piedmont) was followed by the construction of the workshop which is still the company’s headquarter.
Sadly over the 70s and the 80s umbrellas became less and less prestigious and the italian manufacturers were overwhelmed by chinese competitors with low quality, low cost products.
However, the Maffei brothers already started to steer the production towards the garden parasol.
Over the years the collection has grown with many exclusive items.
Today, Maffei is a renowed brand in Europe and a reference point in the outdoor furniture design.


The first catalogues

Honors and awards

Ombrelloni Maffei for X FACTOR
Maffei Parasols: pride of MADE IN ITALY
Ombrellificio Maffei receives " L'Ombrellino D'argento "