A parasol collection capable of meeting multiple necessities for the outdoor space.
The collection also comprehends shade sails, protective covers, bases and matching cushions.


Maffei is a perfect example of artisan factory.

It may seem an oxymoron to define us this way. We are a factory for the organization of the productive factors, the development of the product, the marketplace analyses and the management control. We are artisans because we put the people as centerpiece of our production and with their “savoir-faire” they determine our business success.


Maffei Srl produces a wide range of parasols, cushions, covers and
accessories Made in Italy.

We strive to present quality articles, technically and stylistically avant-garde, realized with the most suited materials to satisfy the different needs of its customers: many of the offered products are patented and exclusive, made with materials of the highest textile technology, making them unique on the outdoor marketplace.

Every year we release new exclusive products, projected with our detailed market analyses and the new needs of our customers.


Maffei, as always, strives to:
– sell a good product at a suitable price range;
– invest in quality and service;
– avoid disposable products, as to provide a durable articles and limit the waste of natural resources and environmental pollution. Our production as a whole is taken care of strictly by our employees. This is the only way we can make sure that our products made in Italy may be released on the marketplace without flaws.
We guarantee a curated after sale service and we are sure to always leave our final customers satisfied with the purchase of a MAFFEI product. All this made it so MAFFEI SRL with the passing of years became synonym with “ITALIAN QUALITY”.

Our fabrics have an high colour fastness and UV protection, the frames are realized with first class materials and the padding of the cushions is without CFC

We actively collaborate with our suppliers to make improvements and work on new projects. Many of our designs are the result of our studies and are Maffei exclusives.


Maffei srl is extremely mindful of the environment. Our raw materials are made in respect of the community laws and do not contain harmful products. The products are designed with the best materials so that they can endure the passing of time, avoiding wastes. Most of our leftover fabrics are re-employed in “shoppers” sold alongside our products completely free of charge. We have always selected suppliers who share the same values and quality standards as us, and preferably to be on our same area. With the passing of the years we always tried to introduce to the parasol market the fiberglass as material for the poles. Extremely more resistant, resilient and durable.

Technical area

The technical details of the frames, the fabrics, catalogues, instructions and assembly videos.

Download the new Maffei catalogue to find the perfect parasol to suit your needs.
Central-pole parasols, side-pole parasols or medium-sized ones boasting captivating designs. Products to suit the seaside, the garden or the poolside. Additionally bases, covers, matching cushions and accessories

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Maffei Professional

Soluzioni professionali per il vostro ambiente esterno





With Maffei you can also produce advertising parasols with your logo or create a commercial line with your brand

Advertising parasols

One of the most effective communication tools to promote your brand

Custom colours

Infinite combinations of colours will allow you to realize parasols of your choice

Fodere su misura

Prototyping of new models and made-to-measure covers

Maffei is the ideal partner to design and produce a parasol collection in your brand.
Our exclusive mytex fabric is perfect to protect your belongings from rust and mold. We realize custom-made covers.

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